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SAGE2009 Conference: Southeast Asian Gateway Evolution

SAGE2009 Conference: Southeast Asian Gateway Evolution
14-17 September 2009: Royal Holloway University of London

The Southeast Asian Gateway is the site of the Indonesian Throughflow between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It is the only low latitude link between the world¢s oceans, and is increasingly regarded as an important influence on global climate. The throughflow passes through the present zone of collision between Australia and SE Asia. The collision began about 25 million years ago, but SE Asia has a long history of growth by the addition of continental fragments rifted from Gondwana dating back to the Palaeozoic. The fauna and flora display a similar complexity which is partly linked to the geology.

There is a centre of maximum diversity in the marine and terrestrial ecosystems in the Indo-Australian archipelago, and the gateway contains numerous biogeographic boundaries. The centre of the region, known to biologists as Wallacea after Alfred Russel Wallace of Wallace¢s Line, is an unusual region of high faunal and floral endemicity. Plate tectonic reconstructions suggest that geology has played a major role in shaping the distributions of biota and the tectonic development of the region is one key to understanding the links between oceanic circulation, climate and life. However, these links are not well documented and connections between different processes are uncertain. Understanding the geological and biological history of the region, and the evolution of biodiversity, is of considerable importance in managing current and future change.

This will be a three-day multidisciplinary meeting to discuss this important region with an emphasis on reporting new ideas and exchanging views between a wide range of Earth and Life Scientists. It will promote interaction between Earth and Life Scientists working in the region. The programme will include plenary sessions, overview presentations, and breakouts for specialist groups. We seek contributions on all geological and biological aspects of the Southeast Asian Gateway, the region including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indochina, New Guinea and the NW Shelf of Australia.

Details of keynote speakers, accommodation, registration, pre and post conference field trips, abstract submission and important dates are available at: http://sage2009.

Abstracts of not more than 400 words should be submitted by 31st March 2009.

A limited amount of funding (up to £500) will be made available to one individual from each of the following categories to allow them to attend the meeting and present either a poster or talk:

* one student based in SE Asia and working on molluscs
* one researcher based in SEA Asia
* early career or student researchers

After submitting an abstract, please apply for funding via email to sage2009@nhm. Letters of application should be no longer than 1 side A4 and include a brief biological sketch and summary of current research projects. Students should include a letter of recommendation from a supervisor.

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