Magister Biologi (S2)

Biodiversitas Indonesia Magazine Vol.1 No.2

Digital magazine BIODIVERSITAS INDONESIA second edition has been published. This edition butterfly theme. So of course the photos and writings about the butterflies are so dominate.

Magazine can be downloaded for free by visiting the link:

Available in low-resolution version (3.7 mb) and high-resolution version (30 mb)

Biodiversity of Semarang

Biodiversity of Semarang

Haliaster Nature Club, Biology, Faculty of MIPA UNDIP, some time ago has officially launched its new website. The site is a biodiversity database from the Semarang area. This database is a compilation of data collection undertaken by the Haliaster Nature Club since 2009.

This database is divided into several groups including herpetofauna, butterflies, dragonflies, and birds.

The site can be accessed via the following address:

or through a link within each group:

Semarang Herp Web

Semarang Lepidoptera Web

Semarang Odonata Web