Magister Biologi (S2)

Workshop on Managing Biodiversity Database

Workshop Managing Biodiversity Database

Workshop on Managing Biodiversity Database: Solution toward Sustainable Global Biodiversity
November 17-18 , 2009, Hotel Horison, Semarang
Conducted by Jurusan Biologi, FMIPA, UNDIP

Indonesia is the second richest country in the world (behind Brazilia) in term of flora and fauna biodiversity. This richness makes Indonesia a crucial component of global environmental sustainability. However, forest conversion, forest fires, shifting cultivation, large-scale mining, wildlife hunting and trading, population growth and poverty, climate change, and lack of appropriate conservation management policies all contribute to habitat destruction and the consequent loss of biological diversity. Biodiversity loss could trigger enormous effects on health and wealth. There is a need to unify efforts from all fronts to save and conserve biodiversity. One of them is managing biodiversity database.

Up to now, only Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) through botanical and zoological museums who leads in managing Indonesian biodiversity by regularly documenting and preserving flora and fauna. However, there are many stake holders in Indonesia who has potential role in taking a part of these activities, such as: central and local government, universities, NGO and eco-tourism agency. However, there are still many weaknesses i.e., lack of human resource skill, and lack of documentation system.

This workshop was designed for experiences sharing of biodiversity information system from nationally and internationally expert in order to support biodiversity database.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Prof. Dr. Koji Nakamura, Deputy President, Professor and Director of Division of Biodiversity, Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology, Kanazawa University.
  • Prof, Dr. Yayuk R Suhardjono, Researcher of Zoology Division (Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense), Research Center for Biology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).
  • National Biodiversity Information Network (NBIN).

Conservation Leadership Programme Awards 2010

ext-bpclpCall for Applications
Deadline 6th November 2009
2010 Conservation Leadership Programme Awards

The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) is now accepting applications for 2010 Conservation Awards. The CLP aims to promote the development of emerging conservation leaders and equip them with the capacity to address the most pressing conservation issues of our time. We do this by providing small grants, training, mentoring and networking opportunities, where award winners gain practical skills and experience and develop leadership capabilities through the implementation of projects focused on high-priority biodiversity conservation issues.

International Conference on Biological Science

International Conference on Biological Science
Faculty of Biology Universitas Gadjah Mada
16 -17 October 2009

1. To promote the role of biological science from molecular to ecosystem towards the improvement of human prosperity.
2. To strengthen international scientific network of biological and biology-related scientists.
3. To share and exchange progress in various fields of biological research

Magister of Biology

Akan dilakukan launching S2 Biologi sekitar bulan Agustus 2009.

Graduate in Biology

Program Studi Magister Biologi
SK DIKTI No: 818/D/T/2009, 27 Mei 2009.

Pada tahun 2018 menjadi pusat pendidikan dan penelitian biologi aplikasi dalam bidang pemanfaatan sumberdaya alam hayati yang mendukung pengembangan industri berwawasan lingkungan.

Melaksanakan pendidikan dan penelitian yang berorientasi pada aplikasi biologi dalam pemanfaatan sumberdaya alam hayati yang mendukung pengembangan industri berwawasan lingkungan guna meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat.

Menghasilkan lulusan yang mampu menganalisis fenomena biologi khususnya dalam pemanfaatan sumberdaya alam hayati yang mendukung pengembangan industri berwawasan lingkungan serta merumuskan alternatif cara penyelesaiannya.


  • Mampu mengembangkan dan memutakhirkan konsep biologi aplikasi sehingga mampu mendukung penyelesaian masalah terkait yang ada di masyarakat
  • Mampu mengembangkan kinerja profesional dalam biologi aplikasi

Mampu berperan dalam menyelesaikan permasalahan yang ada pada masyarakat secara profesional dan mampu melakukan inovasi dalam pengembangan konsep biologi aplikasi.

Berorientasi pada pemanfaatan sumber daya alam hayati yang mendukung pengembangan industri berwawasan lingkungan dalam lingkup optimasi, diversifikasi dan konservasi untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat.

Biologi Aplikasi

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